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Q&A in an industrial environment

The start of the process is data collection. Example: the objects are production machines. Every day the operators have to record the various parameters that are to be controlled; about 4 or 5 per machine. So the program just shows only the macines per operator, not all of them. The operator selects the machine that needs to be recorded and then enters the parameter recording overview. This overview shows all the sheets of that machine per week, ordered with the last week on top. When selecting the desired recording sheet, or creating a new one at the start of a new week, the program shows te recording sheet and the parameters for that day can be entered.
Manual data collection. This is the screen for manual data collection. This is done in case there is no sensor for this perameter type available, or the object has no build-in sensor for a particular process parameter. Per object is the possibility to record 5 individual process parameters.
When an object has build-in sensors for, by example, oil pressure or cooling agent temperature, then it is possible to record these parameters automatically. The results will show in the object's parameter graphic.