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You have to create your datamodel in an Excelsheet.
To make things less complicated, Visual Data's JumpStart DNN comes with a free template for your first datamodel, called the DatabaseBuilder.
There are a lot of conventions that have to be met in order to let JumpStart generate your application.
The DatabaseBuilder is designed to take this cumbersome task out of your hands.

Features of the DatabaseBuilder:
Primary setupinformation for your DotNetNuke application.
The application name, the author, the version and the prefixes that your application uses to distinguish this database information from any other database metadata.

Automated table naming; you just name the primary tablename
Automated table field naming; just name the primary fieldnames and the builder takes care of the conventions

All the supported functions for this version of JumpStart DNN are in the Database Builder
Automated functionextention added to the fieldnames

Hidden functions:
The "Template" is an empty tablesheet that can be used to copy to a new tablesheet
Every tablesheet has rebuild functions to recreate a template for a database table
(Behind the cell) 
Start here->

Update function for the explaining memofields discribing the individual functions.
This becomes handy in case you need to translate or extend the functions description for your employees.
Just translate the comments on the functions in the "Conventions" page and seletct "Reset Memos'" in the dropdown below:
(Behind the cell)

Also, every table sheet has a copy of the code-behind script that runs a check for all the changes you make.
You have to copy this scripts to every new tablesheet you create.
To prevent the sheets from problems due to unwanted or dangerous use, you can set a general password (MySheets) on every sheet.
This password is shown in the sheetpages:

Extra functions:
Based on the designed table, you can setup a table content data conversion sheet.
The Databasebuilder contains special sheets (XDATA) for testdata for this table that you can use during testing time, or for initial filling of the tables before use in a production environment
With very few effort you can convert any data from any datasource to your new application tables.
The Database builder contains special sheets that are based on the corresponding table descriptions. Just fill these conversion sheets with test data or production data and make your new tables run like a charm.

There is a calculationsheet that shows you how information can be brought into the database.
Calculationinformation is transferred to the XDAT sheet and thae converted into your application database.
In fact, this is the original calculation sheet and tabledata sheet that are used to setup this JumpStart DNN website!

Limitations of the DatabaseBuilder:
Theroretical there is no limit in the number of tables and in the number of tablefields that create an application.
Practically there is, however... The database is limited by the filesize of the DatabaseBuilder in order to get it uploaded to JumpStart's ApplicationBuilder
The DatabaseBuilder is therefore limited in the number of tables that you can define and in the number of tablefields in it.
A DatabaseBuilder can hold up to 20 tables and any table can hold up to 100 tablefields.

You may, however, combine more than one DatabasBuilder template to increase the number of tables, if nessesery. Just upload the templates one by one and receive the applicationcode in your maibox.