Select the datasheet that contains the data that you want to import into your SQL JumpStart table.

As mentioned before, you can use all your Excelsheets with data, as long as the obey certain conditions.
But for the use of the datasheets in your DatabaseBuilder is abuild-in feature:
The Excelreader recognizes your datasheets because they have a special name: "XData"  as a prefix for the tablename that is involved here.
You want to fill the Members table with the data from the DatabaseBuilder.

Select th tabname: XDartaMEM_TUT_04_YCMembers from your DatabaseBuilder:

Observe that the modulename in the image differs from your modulename.
The reason for this is that the ApplicationBuilder deletes ALL the recources that the building of your application had to put into the JumpStart DNN services.
And it deletes also the SQL Tutorial tables that are used here. So a copy with the secundary prefix "TST_" is used for the creation of these examples to prevent the Tutorial from disaster.

Select the XData sheetname in the dropdown list:

The ExcelReader will read the datasheet and display the data:

It will also display the data conversiongrid:

Observe the grid that makes up the dataconversion table. On the top row are the SQL tablefieldnames ans on the left are the Excel colunm names.
The colored textfields just under the SQL tablenames are used as a test reference.
As you will notice, the third colunm under "RowContent" contains the first row of data in your Excelsheet. (you can confirm this in the Excel display above)
Now, after completion of the data cross reference in the grid, you can check out wether the conversion is successfull.

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