Installing your application in your portal.
This is the Installation phase

Draw a first map of your application model.
Installing a standard DNN module is considered a known procedure.
    1st: Place your received ZIP file(s) in your JumpStart tutorial installation folder.
    2nd: Upload and register the module(s) in your Tutorial DNN portal.

Setting up the menustructure.
Your application needs a from of menu structure.
Any JumpStart application consist of a MAIN table module (sometimes more), and a set of HELPER table modules (a.k.a. Secundary tables).
Give your menu items meaningfull names, use the tablename if possible for reference purposes.

In this tutorial the MAIN table for the society is: NOT YET DEFINED!!!
All the tables that are now present in the DatabaseBuilder are SECONDARY tables.
Because the defined tables are just data tables; they contain information about the entities, but they do not present information about the INTERACTION between the entities. These data will change very little during the lifetime of your application.
The MAIN module would be: Planned ACTIVITIES that the MEMBERS can attend to, or (NEW) activities that get (other) Activity Officers.
Another table has to be created too: The table that connect the Activity Officer to an Activity.
We will create these table modules in a later lesson.

The MAIN table module.
The main table module is the module that "does the job".
In general you would place this table on a prominent place in your menu; preferably in the middle.
To the left of your main module menu item you could place the Homepage and maybe some information pages, lik this is done in this website.
These menu items are available to your users/customers.

The helper tables are not available for your users/customers, but exclusively for the administrator.
For now, setup a first menu structure:
MAIN module (Still empty): "Activities"
Under this MAIN menu item:
Secundary module: ActivityNames, ActivityOfficers and "Members".

You can see the menu structure and installed new application modules here: My Pleasure.com

You're done with this lesson.

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