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Build your application.
This is the Application building phase.

Upload your DatabaseBuilder template into the ApplicationBuilder on this website.
Enter the page "JumpStart" and upload your DatabaseBuilder.
Depending on the filesize of your DatabaseBuilder and the type of your Internet connection, the upload may tae a while.
Be patient because the ApplicationBuilder will signal you when the upload is done.

After a successful upload you are asked to choose the tablename you want to build, or all the tables in one go.
Make your choise by selecting your option in the dropdownbox "Select Sheetname".

Immidiately after selection of your option the buildprocess will start.
The ApplicationBuilder will build your application regardless what your licence is, or wether the licence is valid.

Now, for tutorial purposes, the table tab on the "Members" contain NO member table information.
This is the one selected sheetname in the selection of the sheetnames.
See what happens:
1st: Selection of the Members sheetname:

2nd: The warning that this sheet does NOT contain any tableinformation:

This obviously means that this table has NOT yet been defined in the DatabaseBuilder. Go and correct this, or delete the tab with the missing tableinformation from the DatabaseBuilder alltogether.
And indeed: The Members tab is "Empty":

Selecting the "Society", however, will result in a successfull build:

And as you can see, the application is really send to the mailaddress that you supplied when you registered on Visual Data's JumpStart DNN!

The ApplicationBuilder will always build your application. But it will also check the validity of our licence!
So, when your license is overdue, you will see the warning below:

Update your licence in your "MyJumpStart" record on the "MyJumpStart" page, and you'll be fine.
After buying your new licence, you have to re-send your DatabaseBuilder......

Sometimes you may get this warning:

The origin of this warning might not always be clear.
But if you see the dropdown selection for your sheets, you should be able to continue the build.... If not, close the JumpStart page (or restart) and upload your DatabaseBuilder again.

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