Building your application based on your datamodel in your DatabaseBuilder.

Move to the menuoption " JumpStart" in this portal.

Upload your DatabaseBuiilder and wait untill the build has finished.

ATTENTION: Due to the size of your DatabaseBuilder, and the speed of your Internet connection, the upload may sake a while....  Be patient.
When the DatabaseBuilder is fully uploaded, you wil get the choise for the type of build: All of the tables, or just one of them.
Remember: Every table will result in a DotNetNuke module, so choosing "All"  wil result in four modules in your mailbox.

Now, this upload will generate an APPLICATION WARNING (at the botton of the screen).
Reason is that the prefixes don't match.

 In tab "Conventions" are the Primary and secundary prefices stored.

      The primary prefix MUST match the prefix in your DatabaseBuilder filename!
So, RENAME your primary prefix to:  "MEM".


Switch to the Tables Tab and observe that the Primary and Secundary prefixes in the Tablenames have changed.

Verify that the primary prefix of your tables is the same as the primary prefix in your "Conventions"  and that your DatabaseBuilder filename starts with " MEM_".
Now, make sure that the TabNames (on the bottom of your TableTabs) also have the correct prefix.
This is done by the code-behind script and is triggered by selecting any cell in the tab, and select Cell A1 again.

As you can see in the image below the name of the Society tab is corrected, the others not.
This will throw the error.

Correct all the Tabnames to the correct primary prefix, save the DatabaseBuilder and you'r done.

Now, restart the ApplicationBuilder by a refresh of the JumpStart page.
Upload again and wait for the result.

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