Defining your datamodel in the DatabaseBuilder.

Open Your DatabaseBuilder Template named My Pleasure; Lesson 1.

Step 1:
Locate and open the tab: "Conventions".

Rename the fields: "CompanyName" (YourCompany -> another name); "Primary Prefix" (YC -> another Prefix) and "Secundary Prefix" (TUT -> another Prefix).
Optionally: Rename the application name.
You're done with this tab.

Step 2:
Locate and open the tab: "Tables".

Observe that the tablenames are: YCSociety, YCActivities, YC Officers and YCMembers. The first two characters are the same as the primary prefix. this is optional, however.
Normally you would fill in the tablenames here in the column " Table Name".
Leave the TemplateTable 00 as it is. The ApplicationBuilder recognizes this and will ignore the TemplateTable.
You're done with this tab.

Step 3:
Locate and open the tab: "YC_TUT_01_YCSociety".
You will now set the tablenames that you have defined in the datadefinition phase (see lesson 1).
A SQL field has propertie too, and the two most important ones are: Field Name and Field Property.
The fieldname in the DatabaseBuilder is stored in subsequent rowcells in column "D" starting in row 14; Fieldnumber 8.
(The first seven SQL tablefields are reserved for the mopdules house keeping. You must not change these in any way.)
Now determine the property of your SQL tablefield.
The ApplicationBuilder can distinguish 4 types: Varchar, Integer, Money and Decimal.
Copy-paste the fieldnames (SName and SFee) from here into the tablenamecells, and select the SQL fieldtype in your TableTab:

 The Society table contains at least the fields:
    Society name                      SName                     SQL fieldname                         Type  VarChar(50)   
    Scociety contribution fee      SFee                           "F" column                            Type  Money

    SQL Types           Common  Use:
    VarChar(6)            Yes/No and gender fields
    VarChar(10)          Date fields
    VarChar(15)          Small text data (Names or small info) 
    VarChar(50)          The "standard" VarChar" setting
    VarChar(500)        Desription fields
    Int                         All integer data
    Money                   All valuta data (= special kind of decimal type)
    Decimal(3,2)         Small decimal data(percentages or value parts)
    Decimal(18,10)     The "standard" decimal setting

    Observe that the column " FieldName" (F-column) contains
     the SQL fieldnames that will be used in your application.
    The DatabaseBuilder automatically attaches the fieldextention "_MDEC"
    to the "SFee" field. This is done because the ApplicationBuilder has to know
    how to treat this field during building the module.

Your done for now.
Step 7:
Upload the databaseBuilder into the ApplicationBuilder on www.vd-jumpstart.com (i.e. this portal) on the "JumpStart" page.

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