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This tutorial is "Under Construction", however, you may try to follow it as far as it goes......

The tutorial:
This tutorial will guide you throug the steps of building your own DotNetNuke application.
It is setup in lessons; every next lesson takes you a step further in the use of the various functions of the DatabasBuilder and the ApplicationBuilder.
On the Download page is a special download section for the tutorial DatabaseBuilder templates; one for every lesson.
In principle you have to start with the first basic DatabaseBuilder, and extend your builder with every next lesson.
The folowing DatabaseBuilders are ment to help you as an example in case you have problems. They show you how your DatabaseBuilder should look after completion of the lesson.

The aim:
The aim is to let you be able to develop a database based on a datamodel that you design out of the knowledge of your buisiness.


You must be registered at this website, and you must have sufficient licencetime to upload your DatabaseBuilder.
You must have a folder standby on your own computer to store your received module zipfiles prior to install them in your DNN portal.
You must have a DNN portal on wich you can test your application, preferrably on a local host.
You must be the administrator of this portal.

Expected experience or knowledge:
You must have sufficient knowledge of the installation procedure of your DNN portal.
You must have some basic knowledge of database terminology.
You must have some basic knowledge of Microsoft's Excel.
Any knowledge of HTML and/or VB dotNet may become handy, but is not strictly necessary.

The case: Outdoor Activity Society "My Pleasure"


You are the administrator of an activity society " My Pleasure"  and you have to administer your members and events.
The society is founded to enable the members to undertake several type of holiday outdoor activities.

Activities of the society are:
  • ACTIVITY:                     Activity Officers:
  • Parasailing                   Peter Shaw
  • Powered Paragliding    Bert Stonefinger
  • Hanggliding                  Harald Swan
  • Hiking                           Julliet Twist
  • Rafting                         Norbert Villaign
  • Camping                       Jackie Broom

These activities are planned and managed by so called "Activity Officers".
Their job is to plan, communicate and execute an activity event for the members of the comunity.
Cost of planning and preparation of an event is payed from the member contribution.
The cost of the actual event is payed by the person(s) that is/are attending the event.
The Activity Officer has a registration in the portal and has the role of " ActivityOfficer".

Members of the society are individual people in any age.
There are three types of membership:

  1. Junior member is everybody under the age of 18
  2. Senior member is everybody above the age of 18
  3. Family member is any spouse or child of a senior member

A member has to pay an annually contribution fee and is a member from 1st of january untill 31 of december.
A member can sign up for any event that is planned.
A member is not necessarily registered in your portal, but they can see the activities that are planned.

Your goal:
Create an DotNetNuke application in wich you can administer your members and activities.
Main functions are:
    - Registration of primary member information: Name, Adress, gender and age, and type of member
    - Registration of contribution payments
    - Administration of participation in event(s)
    - Events administration by Activity Officer

Your primary task:
Design the database with the help of the information in this case.

Have Fun!    ---->> To Lesson 1: Gathering database information