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The sample Sensor application

I developed this sample sensor application based on a project that I did for one of my clients.

This client has a factory in wich the process and the quality of the products heavily dependents of external factors such as room temperature, cooling agent temperature and some more environmental variabeles.
He has installed a sopisticated sensoring system that keeps track of all these variabeles, but with one shortcoming: the history of the readings is not preserved.
So he asked me if I could develop a system in wich all sensoring data are stored in a way that alowes him to recall sensor information back to several years ago.

I decided to turn this idea into a demonstration project that I can present to any interested DNN and Arduino developer.
My demo consists of two sensors on the Arduino board: Temperature and Daylight. Both sensors are read in one go and the results are stored in the two tables that you will find in these pages: Temperature and DayLight. GoBetwino will transfer the data to this DNN portal.
Just go and see how this works out; the tables are updated automatically whenever you enter the page. So it may take a couple of seconds before the table shows up; the data waiting in the storagefolder will be processed first....

Have fun!