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The GoBetwino Interface


The GoBetwino application sits between your Arduino sensors and your DotNetNuke portal, together with the WINSCP FTP software.
These two takes care of the tasks that Arduino can't do by itself, in this case the transfer of the sensor data from Arduino to your DNN database.
Here is how I show you how I did it. Let's start with a schema; the systemflow.
The Arduino sketch is leading because this contains the flow of commands. You might open this sketch as a reference to this explanation.

 Step Description    Reference
 1 There is a GoBetwino command called "CPFIL" that forces a copy file action. In this case I created an empty textfile called "NewVDW_LogFile.txt" (Just use Notepad to create an empty file). This is the templatefile that will be copied to the logfile in wich the data will be written by Arduino called "VDW_LogFile.txt".   Serial.println("#S|COPYFILE|[]#");
 2 The sensordata will be created by Arduino in the endless loop and written to the COM port.   sensorValueLight = analogRead(sensorPinLight);
sensorValueTemperature = analogRead(sensorPinTemperature);
logData(sensorValueTemperature, A1_SensorName, remarkTemperature);
 3 Control variabeles in the Arduino sketch will force the sensorfile to close at pre-defined intervals and command GoBetwino to process these in order to get them to my DNN portal.   Serial.println("#S|RENAME|[]#");
 3.1 Rename the logfile; add a timestamp to the filename. This is done with a BAT file called: SensorFileRename.bat and executed by Arduino at: Serial.println("#S|RENAME|[]#");   rename C:\arduino-0023\VDW_SensorTechniek\Sensors\OutPutFiles\VDW_LogFile.txt VDW_LogFile_%date:~4,2%%date:~7,2%%date:~10,4%_%time:~1,1%h%time:~3,2%m%time:~6,2%s%.txt
 3.2 Send the renamed sensorfile to the DNN portal folder by using a commandline that makes WINSCP to FTP the sensorfile to the DNN server. Delete the sensorfiles after they are send to the server. Sending the sensorfile to the porta's server is done by the Arduino command: Serial.println("#S|FTP|[]#");
This starts WINSCP with the commandline:VDW_ServerFileUpload.txt (shown on the right)
  option batch abort
option confirm off
open visualdatanl@visualdata.nl
cd /httpdocs/Portals/0/VDW_GB_04_TemperatureSensor_Dossier
put C:\arduino-0023\VDW_SensorTechniek\Sensors\OutPutFiles\VDW_LogFile_*.txt
cd /httpdocs/Portals/0/VDW_GB_05_LightSensor_Dossier
put C:\arduino-0023\VDW_SensorTechniek\Sensors\OutPutFiles\VDW_LogFile_*.txt -delete
 3.3 Create a new sensor file by using the BAT command that copies the empty template TXT file to the new sensor logfile. In essence: return to Step 1.   Serial.println("#S|COPYFILE|[]#");

Ok, so what do you need to get this done?
  • The GoBetwino software, installed on your computer.
  • WINSCP software, installed on your computer. WINSCP Installation page here....
  • SensorFileCopy.bat file that creates the sensorfiles; ATTENTION! there are two sensors, so there are two sensorfiles created! These are intended for "internal" use, so on a locally installed DotNetNuke environment. For testing purposes so to say.
  • The VDW_ServerFileUpload.txt commandfile that makes your WINSCP to upload your files to your external DotNetNuke portal.

I have made these files available on the Downloadpage for free. You only have to register yourself on this portal; it's FREE